A passion for beauty, focused on your landscaping needs, dreams, and budget.

Perhaps nothing is more gratifying than creating an outdoor space that reflects your taste, suits your lifestyle, and surrounds your home with beauty.

But taking on a landscaping project no matter how big or small-may be grounds for frustration: Where do you begin?

At Neha Nursery We offer the guidance and expertise you need to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your property a much-needed makeover, you’ll find a full range of personalized landscaping services, including:

  • Custom tour with Horticulturists “living portfolio” of landscaping projects
  • Thorough property evaluation to determine which plants, colors, themes, and hardscaping elements best fit your style preferences, location, and budget
  • Renderings / master plans by an in-house landscape architect
  • Property design, installation, renovation, and maintenance
  • A variety of options to meet your budget
  • Owner oversight and supervision of every project
  • Easy access to the owner and his staff should you have questions or concerns


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