Lawn Care

Three Acres of area utilized in propagation of various plants of different varieties.



Tree And Shurb

Neha Nursery P.Ltd Tree & Shrub Care program consists of specifically designed applications.



Leaf Removal

Colorful leaves are beautiful to look at but they're not so pretty when they are piled up on your lawn.




Neha Nursery P. Ltd offers both residential and commercial mowing.

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About Neha Nursery

Neha Nursery P. Ltd. , founded in 1990, is a full service landscape company based in Noida. We are currently caring for over 800 properties with services ranging from mowing and lawn care to landscape design and construction. We are committed to offering a superior service at a competitive price. We use the most effective and efficient methods and equipment.

We employ highly trained professionals to satisfy your lawn and landscape needs. Our landscape designers are skilled in horticulture & landscape architecture. Our maintenance managers are skilled in turf management. Our lawn & landscape foremen have years of experience in the landscape industry. More important than our knowledge or experience is the fact that our employees will treat your lawn or landscape as if it were their own.

The ultimate objective at Neha Nursery P. Ltd is to operate the most successful landscape company in the Noida by meeting the needs of its customers and employees, while promoting professionalism in the landscape industry.
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