Lawn Care

Our technicians use the safest methods to protect your property, family, pets and the environment. The result is a healthy, beautiful lawn, which resists harmful diseases and insects. There are four facets to our Lawn Care Program. We have five fertilizer treatments throughout the growing season.

These treatments supply all the necessary nutrients at the appropriate times needed to maintain a vigorous turf (nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium). We also have four treatments devoted to weed control. These treatments will control annual grassy weeds as well as all broadleaf weeds.
We will perform a soil test to determine the pH of your soil. The soil test will determine whether or not you need lime, what type of lime to apply, and how much lime to apply.

Our program also includes a grub control. This insecticide fights the voracious root feeders that cause extreme damage in the late summer.

Our programs have been reviewed and revised over the years by horticulturists, agronomists; Neha Nursery P. Ltdfeel we have developed a very effective, environmentally friendly turf care program.



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